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The interior design of your home plays a major part in how well you enjoy it. There are many styles to choose from. The key to making the right choice is understanding which styles look best where you live. In this article, a team member from ZMC Homes, a leading home remodeling contractor in South Tampa, discusses the top interior design styles.


Modern Design

The modern design style has one common element: simplicity. What makes a room simple? It has a clean floor plan and no clutter. In addition, it uses neutral colors and tones. The color scheme can be bright or bold, whatever you want. However, the individual element choices throughout the design are uncomplicated. The result is a style that can be elegant, comfortable, and exciting without needing complex and intricate designs.


Minimalism is one of the most popular interior design styles today. It prohibits clutter. It means arranging the objects within the room so that they enhance one another as well as the overall design instead of fighting for attention. The result does not employ ornate designs or complicated materials. The focus is on the objects themselves.

Minimalist designs are soothing and relaxing while being modern and chic at the same time. Minimalism allows you to create small spaces that feel expansive by eliminating unnecessary elements. It is also a favorite for people who want a more relaxed feel in their homes, which is created by having fewer things in it.


Mid-Century Design

Mid-century designs are found in many different neighborhoods and geographies. The mid-century style is based on modernism with a nod to classicism in its furnishings and style. This design is alive with color and the use of many textures, decorations, and surfaces. Think \”End of WWII\”-era styles, which is where this style draws from. Leather seats, unpainted wood tables, and unique odds and ends make this style both modern and classical at the same time.

Industrial Design

The industrial design uses raw materials assembled into different items to create a sense of a world built up from nothing. Many of the pieces used feel unfinished or homemade but somehow refined at the same time. This requires simple designs using unfinished materials, including unpainted wood and polished metal.

Urban Style

This style is designed specifically for urban life. Everything has a purpose. It has no wasted space and is built to last as long as possible. The urban style focuses on natural light and color, which are kept light in order to emphasize the space as well as accentuate the items within it. It also embodies the feel of the city with similar urban design elements repurposed for use indoors.

There are many design styles to choose from, which can make designing your dream home both exciting and challenging. Get help from an experienced and knowledgeable home renovation contractor in South Tampa to make sure that your ideas are executed flawlessly. Work with ZMC Homes to get the expertise that you need to build your dream home.

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