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Custom Home inspiration Ideas

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Custom Home Inspiration and Ideas from Your South Tampa Custom Home Builder

Are you looking to build your own beautiful custom home? You’re not alone. 

By working with the best custom home builder in South Tampa, the home of your dreams can become a reality. There’s no better time to start planning than right now. Below are a few trending ideas to incorporate into your new custom home!

Unique, Artistic Ceilings

What kind of feeling do you want your home to evoke? If you’re looking for something unique with a modern touch, artistic ceilings are the way to go. Experimenting with the architecture and design of your ceilings is one of the top trends this year. 

Consider adding an arched ceiling over the dining room for a more spacious and interesting aesthetic. Or, you might enjoy adding skylights over the living room to allow more natural light to fill the space. This can make your home feel more open and welcoming.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Another trending feature to incorporate into your custom home is a dedicated outdoor living space. If you like to entertain guests or simply enjoy the beautiful Tampa weather, this is a must-add feature in your new home. 

Want to bring the outdoors in? Consider incorporating sliding glass doors to make your backyard an extension of your living space. With the best custom home builder in South Tampa, you’re guaranteed to love your beautiful outdoor oasis.

Butler’s Pantry in the Kitchen

This feature is sure to make any home feel more luxurious.

Adding a butler’s pantry to your kitchen is one of the top trends in custom home building. Not only does a large butler’s pantry add value to your home, it also adds a unique look. 

Whether you prefer a hidden pantry with sliding doors or an open space to pass through, butler’s pantries are the perfect area to keep appliances like microwaves, air fryers, and utensils. 

With so much space to work with in a butler’s pantry, the options for shelving, drawers, and cabinets are endless. You’ll have a convenient room to organize snacks, seasonings, and other ingredients you don’t want to keep in the main kitchen area.

What types of residential projects do you specialize in?
  • Remodels
  • Renovations
  • Custom Homes
  • Windows & Doors
How much experience does your company have in residential construction?

20 years.

Can you provide references from past residential clients?


What is the typical timeline for completing a commercial construction project?

Depends on the scope of work; no set timeline.

How do you ensure quality and safety during the construction process?

Follow all state regulations and required inspections.

Are you licensed and insured to handle residential construction projects?


How do you handle project changes or modifications that arise during construction?

Changes are bound to happen, and we easily navigate them by updating the scope of work with a change order approved by the client.

Can you provide a detailed breakdown of the estimated costs for the project?

Yes, we are happy to provide a detailed estimate outlining the project’s specific details with associated costs. 

How do you handle project scheduling and coordination with subcontractors?

We use online scheduling software that all parties have access to, including the clients, contractor, project manager, and all subcontractors. The schedule is updated and available 24-7 if the projected timeline changes. 

What is your approach to sustainable or green building practices?

We are knowledgeable in sustainable and green building practices and are happy to help you find ways to help the environment and save money in the process!

How do you address potential issues with site selection and building design?

We are a design-build firm. We start with the client at the very beginning of the planning stage to ensure a seamless process from design to completion.

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