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One of the hallmarks of a luxury home is its outdoor living features. Every luxury home looks great on the inside, but the ones that stand out have outdoor features that are just as thoughtful and elaborate as the indoor features. There are a variety of different options that you can choose to upgrade your luxury home’s backyard. As one of the best custom home builders in Sunset Park, we regularly work on projects where luxury homes get a few new outdoor features. If you want a surefire way to make your home more valuable and enjoyable, add some of these outdoor living features to your home.


Infinity Pool

One of the most luxurious features you can install in your backyard is an infinity pool, an aquatic playground that appears endless because of its glass walls. In addition to the visual drama, these pools offer cooling, versatility, and other advantages.

Infinity pools can be installed in backyards of all shapes and sizes. For the maximum visual impact, you\’ll want a home where the backyard is at least five feet above grade and sloped upward from the pool. Smaller-scale infinity pools can be built in plain-looking backyards as long as you plant surrounding gardens or trees to break up any remaining expanse of concrete or stone.



A patio is a great place for entertaining. If your budget allows, install patios that are integrated with the landscape. Outdoor living spaces in the form of covered patios are growing in popularity. By combining a patio with an outdoor living room, the area between your home and the patio becomes an extension of your indoor living space. This space can include a dining area complete with a bar, built-in benches or chairs, as well as a wet bar or grill. Adding a ceiling to your patio will protect you from the direct rays of the sun and create an illusion of space.


A pool adds a lot of value to a home and is great for entertaining house guests. You can add an infinity feature to your custom-built home by using glass or clear fiberglass fencing that connects the home and pool.

Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen adds functionality as yet another accessory for your outdoor living space. Having an outdoor kitchen makes hosting parties and making dinner for your family more enjoyable. You won’t have to stay inside while everyone gets to enjoy the weather. If your budget allows, a custom kitchen can include an outdoor sink and accessories for a complete outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Another great way to enjoy the great outdoors is by adding an outdoor living room to your home. You can create true outdoor rooms with screened-in enclosures as well as more open-air designs like a patio lounge within your backyard. These rooms are great for entertaining visitors in the evening and are most attractive when they include views of your yard or garden.

In conclusion, while designing your custom-built home, don\’t forget to consider several outdoor living features that you can add in order to create instant luxury. Work with the best new home builder in Sunset Park, ZMC Homes, to get the expertise that you need to build your dream home.

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