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Residential housing has gone through a big shift in the last decade. Open concept designs are more popular and many new homes were built with it in mind. Many homeowners also called ZMC Homes, a home remodeling contractor in South Tampa, to create an open concept in their homes.

However, the trend toward open concepts is changing, and the traditional concept is coming back. Here is a deeper look at the open concept versus the traditional concept, and how to choose which is right for your home.


Open Concept

An open concept home is one that has little or no walls to separate the living areas from the other rooms in the house. Usually, an open concept home is set up so that you can walk from one room to another without going through a door. This gives it an airy feel, and makes it easy for you to carry on a conversation with people in all the different areas of your home.

When to Choose the Open Concept

There are a number of factors that should be considered when choosing an open concept versus a traditional one. Open floor plans are a great choice if you want a house that feels bright, open and welcoming with an expansive living area at the heart of the home. The lack of walls and dividers fosters interaction within the home. For example, family members in the kitchen can easily interact with others who are relaxing in the family room. This is great if you do not like to have secluded sections of your home more than is needed.

If your home situation requires secluded sections, then a traditional plan is a better fit. If you work from home and live with other people, then having a secluded office is a benefit. It can also make it easier to disconnect from certain parts of your life when you need to. All you have to do is walk into another room and you’ll be away from any part that you need to disconnect from.

When to Choose the Traditional Concept

If you are older or have a family member who is disabled, a traditional house might be better for you or your family. This is because it provides more separation between areas, making the home easier to manage and use.

When there are more walls in the home, each area can have its own distinct look and feel. This is also important if privacy is an important part of your lifestyle. For example, working from home may require a secluded space for your office. A traditional plan gives you separate rooms so that you can have an office.

Despite the concept that you have in your home, you can always change it to fit your needs. To do this, all you need to do is work with a home renovation contractor in South Tampa to have your home remodeled the way that you want it. Work with ZMC Homes to get the expertise that you need to build your dream home.

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