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Old World Charm Boldly Steps Into Contemporary Light

This client absolutely loved the masterful blend of Spanish and Italian architecture and old-world feel of their Mediterranean home but wanted to make some major changes to the flow of the rooms, add some additional modern features and amenities, and make the home more accommodating to their lifestyle. This project started off as a bathroom and master bedroom internal remodel but soon transformed into a rebuild of the structure after our team noticed extensive damage inside the home. This original 1926 home with an addition added in the 1970s would need to be brought up to code and repaired from pest damage, meaning, among other things, the existing second story would have to be entirely removed and rebuilt.

Our Main Challenge



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Aside from ensuring that all of the support structures of the home were repaired and the infestation was properly cleared out, our main challenge going into this project was to make the old blend with the new or preserve the historical elements of the home with the contemporary elements. For our team, this meant everything new needed to match the existing design of the home, including new walls, reworked window sills, wood floors, and doors. All the while, we had to make sure that the structure of the home was going to be built to last.

Structurally, there were a few challenges we faced in terms of bringing this outdated home into the modern age. For starters, the surrounding road had to be closed to bring in the crane and steel beams used to hold up the new structure. Additionally, the flat roof needed to be transformed into a peaked roof with the roof-top air condition units removed. Fortunately, our team handled this challenge with grace, and each of the beams and trusses was installed with an exceptional level of care. Custom trusses were built to match and fit the space perfectly, the ceiling beams were distressed by hand, and the center steel beam was expertly concealed with Pecky Cypress Wood. We also removed the pantry from the existing kitchen to dig a footer and set a steel post necessary to support the second story, which would be wrapped with existing cabinetry to maintain the seamless aesthetic.


As for the exterior of the home, each of the existing windows on the side were removed and replaced with new, energy-efficient windows that allow for natural sunlight to stream perfectly into their living space. The window sills were reworked and the new clay roof tiles were sourced to match the existing design of their home right down to the very last detail. A hand-built trellis was also masterfully constructed out of cedar wood along with hand-built trellis, constructed out of cedar wood.

One of the major highlights of this renovation, apart from the structural rebuild, was the master bathroom, which was completely gutted and redone with a new frameless glass shower, custom-built vanities with Quartz-Lincoln White countertops, and a repositioned tub with floor-mounted tub filler. These contemporary features with traditional style details not only matched the Mediterranean style of the home but exceeded the client’s desire for a bathroom that felt luxurious. The marble and modern amenities that can be found throughout the bathroom provide the ultimate levels of convenience without ever detracting from the aesthetic of the home.


The Definition of Perfection

Overall, this gorgeous home addition, renovation, and structural rebuild can be described as nothing less than perfection. Stepping into the home, the flow of the dining room into the kitchen and hallway has been entirely opened up, making it seem graceful and spacious. The finished home pairs contemporary fittings with traditional furnishings that restore the home’s original aesthetic of casual elegance. Since the windows were removed and a skylight was added, natural light also envelops the sophisticated living area in a gorgeous brilliance that is sure to please this client for years to come.

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