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As the best new home builder in South Tampa, ZMC Homes helps clients choose the right windows for their homes. While it may seem like any window will work, windows actually have a big impact on your house. Choosing the right ones for your house takes expertise and some careful planning. Here are a few things that you should know when choosing windows for your Florida home.


Glass Styles

The glass used in windows is designed to fill several roles. Different types of glass stand up to impacts and other problems differently. Choose a glass type that fits your needs. For example, windows that are near trees should be shatter-resistant in case of heavy storms.

You can also change the color and tint of your windows. There are many options when it comes to coating and tinting windows which determine how much light comes through. The right choice can help you control the temperature in your house.


Energy Efficiency

The right windows can protect your home from moisture and also help you save money on energy. For example, windows with thermal breaks help reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. The right windows will make your house more comfortable throughout the year.


Window Styles That Match Your Architecture Style

Windows can make your home look its best. You may want to choose custom windows that complement the rest of your architecture. For example, you may want a glass that is similar to other parts of your home such as glass doors and cabinets.

Different architectural styles call for specific window designs. Putting a different style of window on your home could change how it looks and feels. While it can be interesting to explore other options, consider the overall look and if you will be happy with an alternative in five years of installing them.


Opening Mechanism

How you open and close windows plays a big role in how much you enjoy using them. For example, windows can give you ventilation without opening them. With windows that are mounted outside, the air can come in through a sliding panel or an inside panel.

Additionally, choose sliding or tilt windows that are easy to open and close. If your windows are easy to open and maintain, then you are likely to use them more often. How they open is also important to where they are located. Windows on upper floors tend to only open part way for safety, while windows on lower floors open entirely.

Work with the best new home builder in South Tampa to pick all the elements of your new home, including the windows. With a team of designers and construction experts, we can help bring your dream home to life in a way that is cohesive and appealing. Work with ZMC Homes to get the expertise that you need to build your dream home.

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