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One of the first things that everyone notices about a house is its exterior architectural style. What do you want your house to look like? Which designs make you feel at home? It is an important decision when choosing or building your dream house. Here is a deeper look at residential exterior architecture styles that you can have on your home provided by the team at ZMC Homes, a home remodeling contractor in South Tampa.


Classical Residential Architecture

Classical architecture is all about elegance and beauty. A classical house is always grand and stately. Many of these designs are long and narrow and have a symmetry that you wouldn\’t expect from the outside.

Industrial Residential Architecture

Industrial architecture is known for its efficiency. A lot of the designs are flat and rectangular. There are no ornate decorations or flourishes on the outside of this design. It is all about power and strength. However, there are some industrial designs that have a sense of subtlety and grace.

Victorian Residential Architecture

Victorian architecture is absolutely grand and ornate. Much of the design is about sculptures and molding. There are a lot of decorative elements that are noted for their beauty. The designs are very intricate and detailed.

Tudor Residential Architecture

Tudor architecture is for people who want a home that has a sense of class and royalty. The design is very intricate and detailed. There are many different types of designs that you can make with Tudor architecture. Most have features that include stone tiles or different brickwork patterns.

Art Deco Residential Architecture

You can find Art Deco architecture all over the world. It has a very sleek yet strong look. There are lots of straight lines and geometrical patterns that make it stand out from the rest. The stone and brick that is used in this design is often shiny.

Mediterranean Residential Architecture

Mediterranean architecture is a timeless style often found in projects served by ZMC Homes, home renovation contractor in South Tampa. It has had many inspirations throughout the years and has become very popular. There are a lot of different styles. Most have white plaster or stone tiles on the outside of them. The designs are very intricate and detailed.


Georgian Residential Architecture

Georgian architecture is very popular on the East Coast of the United States. It has a very graceful and ornate look. The designs are usually more ornate and intricate yet simple in style. The design is often very symmetrical in structure.

American Colonial Residential Architecture

American Colonial architecture is very symmetrical and it alludes to the original country house style. There are many different patterns that are associated with the style. The design is very symmetrical and you would expect to see a colonial home in most movies about newlywed couples.

American Early 20th Century Residential Architecture

There are many different types of American early 20th century architecture. The styles are classified by the architectural styles of the time such as Colonial Revival, Craftsman, Tudor Revival, and Prairie Style.

Your architectural style choices say a lot about you. Make sure that your home presents the right message about you as soon as your neighbors and friends see it. Work with ZMC Homes to get the expertise that you need to build your dream home.

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