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One of the first decisions you have to make as a homebuyer is whether or not you wish to purchase an existing home off the market or build a custom home from scratch. On the one hand, an existing home is move-in ready and typically comes with some degree of nostalgia knowing that one or multiple families lived there before yours. On the other hand, existing homes typically aren’t built to suit all or most of your tastes, they may have underlying repair or maintenance issues, and they don’t come under warranty like new construction homes do. Below, we’ve outlined several major benefits of choosing to build a custom home over purchasing an existing home. If you’re ready to build your forever home and make your vision a reality, partner with a custom home builder in South Tampa like ZMC Homes for extraordinary design and expert workmanship.


Complete Customization

By far, one of the greatest benefits of building a custom home over purchasing an existing home is the degree of customization. Building a custom home is all about the power of making choices that fit your lifestyle, your tastes, and your desires. That empty lot is a blank canvas just waiting to be filling with your unique ideas. If you prefer having your morning coffee outside, we can put in a large porch with built-in seating. If you have a large collection of art pieces you wish to display, we’ll gladly set you up with huge gallery walls and specialized lighting. No matter what vision you have in mind, you have the freedom to select everything from the basic wall and floor coverings right down to custom cabinetry and appliances. Whereas, if you opt for an existing home, there will almost always be at least a few aspects you need to change before you can feel truly comfortable. With a new home builder in South Tampa like ZMC Homes, you’ll be getting a dream home built from the ground up just to fit your needs and wants.

Perfect Location

Why wait around for an existing home to pop up in a neighborhood you’re fond of when a custom home allows you to select any specific area or lot you may have in mind? Whether you’re looking for an active community composed of several other families or a secluded wooded lot far away from the hustle of the suburbs, you can choose the perfect lot for your custom home with ease. Perhaps most importantly, you can also position your custom home on the lot any way you want. Want your home facing a certain direction for the best views or have it situated further up on a lot to allow for a larger backyard? Just say the word. Custom builds make the most out of a number of factors, including but not limited to views, trees, foliage, green space, sunlight, and shade.


High Quality Craftsmanship

Finally, when you work with a custom home builder in South Tampa, you’ll have complete confidence that our team of trusted and experienced homebuilders will provide only high-quality work constructed with the best products, materials, brands, and craftsmanship. You’ll know exactly how long each material is set to last, how it will perform, and what it lends to the space aesthetically and functionally over other materials. If you are ready to design and build your dream house and wish to partner with the best custom home builders, look no further than the professionals at ZMC Homes. Just give us a call or fill out our contact request form and we’ll get to work either customizing an existing floor plan or working from the vision you have in mind.

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