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Every homeowner wants their home to appreciate in value. While it happens naturally over time if your house is maintained, there are renovations that you can do to instantly increase your home’s value. Here are 5 home renovations that add the most value to your home.

Siding Replacements Improve Resale Value the Most

The single most influential change to your home that you can make to increase its value is to change or replace the siding. The siding used on your house largely determines its overall look and style. It is one of the key reasons why different architectural styles do not look the same. Replacing the siding so that it is in good condition can maintain or even slightly increase your home’s value. Changing it to a more premium design, such as a manufactured stone siding, gives your home more appeal and raises its value by almost the cost of the renovation.

Clean or Replace Your Garage Door

Alongside siding, your garage door has a big impact on how your house looks. Start by cleaning the door thoroughly and repainting it. This will make it look new if done well. You can also change the style of the door by replacing it for a more upscale look.

Remodel the Kitchen

The kitchen is often the most influential room in the house, and remodeling it can have a substantial impact. Replace the appliances, countertops, and faces on cabinets to give it a new look. This will also make your kitchen appear larger and more detailed. In cases where the kitchen is very old, replacing the cabinets can lead to better kitchen designs and appeal.

Upgrade the Windows

The windows influence the look of your house and serve as a functional element as well. Try adding insulating windows to help control the energy bill. These windows stop the transfer of heat in and out of the house, making your HVAC system do less work to maintain the temperature inside.

Switch to Hardwood Flooring

Many older houses have carpeting, and this can be a problem for new buyers. Carpets can collect dirt that is impossible to remove entirely, contributing to allergens and other problems. Remove that carpet and replace it with hardwood flooring to impress buyers. Hardwood flooring is warm, attractive, and easier to clean than carpet. Buyers will instantly focus on houses with as little carpet as possible, if for no other reason, to avoid the hassle of cleaning carpets thoroughly and often.

Not every home renovation improves the value of your home, but choosing the right project can work wonders for your home value. Working with a skilled and qualified home remodeling company is the best way to ensure that the work is done well and adds to the value of your home. If you have questions about home renovations and raising the value of your home, contact ZMC Homes, a home remodeling company in South Tampa.

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